We're on a mission

And we’re looking for the right people to help us accomplish it. We value unique contributions and actively welcome people of all backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives.

Why Ajackus

We offer a place to be yourself

We are the right people if you have the right attitude. We have a work culture built on teamwork, raised morale, workforce retention, and work performance enhancement.

We have clear developmental and organizational goals, promote diversity and inclusion where every individual is valued and heard. We want our team members to speak openly about issues; communication is vital to any business. Our core values give our team members a sense of identity and commitment. Team members can take pride in their work, knowing what they value resonates with the company values, making for a positive attitude and work culture.

Our core values

Our values represent the spiritual compass of our company. They are what keep us going!


We are the right people for you if you have the right attitude.

We want each team member to grow in the direction of the sun while we keep their roots nourished. We believe in every team member who has graced our threshold with their talent and encourage them to -

Unite to form world-class technology teams

Spark creativity

Dream big

Forge an excellent career

Nurture unique skills & knowledge

Conquer fears

Use time efficiently

Be an asset to the company

Join our team

To access holistic training and global opportunities while working remotely

Open Positions

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We are available in 5 cities and also on the world wide web making us reachable to anyone on the planet with an internet connection.